Tranquility: Otherkin Book 2


Name: Tranquility

Author: Anya Bast

Published: September 9, 2011 by Anya Bast

Purchased: January 11, 2012, free, now $0.99 on Kindle.


Another lying cover, saying it’s a free read but it’s really not however, it’s only $0.99.

Again, there could have been a lot of story here, there was a lot of potential that could have made this book so much better.

Because it was such a short story it just moved much too fast. Personally I feel like she could have left out the two of them saying I love you to each other and it would have had more of an impact. Or maybe if the story had been more specific in how long he had been there.

In these types of books, I’m alright with the couple saying those three words almost right after getting together but, that’s when they’ve known each other for a good bit. That’s just me though.

A few typos and I stand by the statement I made in Fury, it applies here as well.

It was written a little more simple than Fury but I guess that’s to be expected with such a short story.

It was okay, these two books could probably be used as a quick kill time method, a filler for waiting somewhere, or even if you want a quick read to fall asleep to.

Thank you for reading my review.



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