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DISCLAIMER: I am not taking requests at this time!! I do not have an exact time when I will be taking them again, but I am not taking them at this time. I am going to keep this post up and intact to make it easier on myself for when I do take requests again. Thank you for your interest and thank you for your patience.

If you’re an author/publisher reading this, you most likely want me to review a book for you, which I will be happy to do. I will try to keep publication date in mind if I receive an ARC but usually, I’ll have it read and the review ready for posting in a few days.

I would prefer to be sent PDF or mobi.  I will try to read every book sent to me to completion but if I start to feel like I’m forcing myself to continue reading, I will have to stop and put it in my Did Not Finish list, though I will still write a review for it. One author actually told me that negative reviews actually drove up the sale of his book.

My rating system is based out of five and is pretty simple;

5 Stars – I loved it

4 Stars – I loved it but there were some issues

3 Stars – I liked it

2 Stars – It was ok but needs a lot of help

1 Star – I hated it or I didn’t finish it

That “I hated it” may seem rude but, I’m being honest here and I’m sure that’s what everyone wants.

I will be completely honest in my reviews so only send me a book if you think I’ll like it or at least be prepared to live with a low rating.

I would do a part with my preferred genres but, I’m opening myself up to more than paranormal romance and fantasy so, I’ll try to read it all.

If you would like me to review a book, please use the contact form below or send me an email at

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