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I started reviewing books when I received this book journal from my parents at Christmas, December 25, 2014, and I love this journal. When I registered for this News Media Publishing class during a semester in college, I had no idea that I would be getting to do something I really enjoy, which is read books and get to tell people about them. Trying to tell others about the books I love doesn’t really come across the way I want it too when I talk to them but writing it down gives me a chance to really try to get my point across. Hmm, let’s see, what else can I tell you about myself? I’m also a poet, I’ve written quite a few poems that I’m proud of. I’ve tried writing stories but, it just doesn’t work out so, I’m sticking to poetry. If you would like to contact me to discuss one of the books I’ve reviewed, or even have me review a book, you can at bookwyvern1992@gmail.com. If you email me please tell me that you are from wordpress or you got it from my blog, otherwise I probably won’t email back. I also have a goodreads account, https://www.goodreads.com/bookdragon1992, feel free to add me.

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