Book Series

The Hollows – Kim Harrison          The Storm Siren Trilogy – Mary Weber

Dead Witch Walking                                                     Storm Siren

The Good, The Bad, And The Undead                        Siren’s Fury

Every Witch Way But Dead                             The Druid Series – Marata Eros

A Fistful of Charms                                                             Reapers

For a Few Demons More                                                      Bled

Kingdom Series – Marie Hall                                         Harvest

Her Mad Hatter                                   Vampire Love Story Series – H. T. Night

Gerard’s Beauty                                                           Vampire Love Story

Red and Her Wolf                                                        The Werewolf Whisperer

Entwined Series – H. T. Night                                  Forever and Always

Werewolf Love Story Pt. 1     Hostile Operations Team – Lynn Raye Harris

Werewolf Love Story Pt. 2                                           Hot Pursuit

The Rise of Kyro                                                             Hot Mess

Maximum Ride Series – James Patterson             Hot Package

The Angel Experiment                                          Tempting SEALs – Lora Leigh

School’s Out – Forever                                               Reno’s Chance – Do Not Own

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports            Dangerous Games

Elite Ops – Lora Leigh                                       For Maggie’s Sake – Do Not Own

Wild Card                                                                         Hidden Agendas

Maverick                                                                             Killer Secrets

Heat Seeker                                                                     Mob City – Holly Hart

Black Jack                                                                              Brawler’s Baby

Renegade                                                                                Hitman’s Baby

The Others – Christine Warren                                     Phantom’s Baby

One Bite With A Stranger      Feehan Christmas Stories – Christine Feehan

Big Bad Wolf                                                                         After the Music

Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here                   The Twilight Before Christmas

Black Magic Woman                                                    Rocky Mountain Miracle

Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale        Drake Sisters Series – Christine Feehan

On The Prowl                                                                    Magic in the Wind

Drive Me Wild – Do Not Own                               The Twilight Before Christmas

Hungry Like A Wolf                                                         Oceans of Fire

Wolf At The Door – Do Not Own                                    Dangerous Tides

She’s No Faerie Princess – Do Not Own                        Safe Harbor

Heart of the Sea                                                                Turbulent Sea

The Demon You Know – Do Not Own                           Hidden Currents

Howl At The Moon                              Sisters of the Heart – Christine Feehan

Walk on the Wild Side                                                     Water Bound

You’re So Vein                                                                   Spirit Bound

Born to be Wild                                                                 Air Bound

Ghostwalkers – Christine Feehan                              Earth Bound

Shadow Game                                                                    Fire Bound

Mind Game                                                                         Bound Together

Night Game                             Warriors: The Prophecy Begins – Erin Hunter

Conspiracy Game                                                               Into The Wild

Deadly Game                                                                       Fire and Ice

Predatory Game                                                                 Forest of Secrets

Murder Game                                                                     Rising Storm

Street Game                                                                        A Dangerous Path

Ruthless Game                                                                   The Darkest Hour

Samurai Game                            Warriors: The New Prophecy – Erin Hunter

Viper Game                                                                         Midnight

Spider Game                                                                       Moonrise

Dark Series – Christine Feehan                                          Dawn

Dark Prince                                                                          Starlight

Dark Desire                                                                          Twilight

Dark Gold                                                                              Sunset

Dark Magic                                        Warriors: Power of Three – Erin Hunter

Dark Challenge                                                                    The Sight

Dark Fire                                                                               Dark River

Dark Dream                                                                          Outcast

Dark Legend                                                                          Eclipse

Dark Guardian                                                                     Long Shadows

The Scarletti Curse                                                              Sunrise

Dark Symphony                                      The Rise of Isaac – Caroline Peckham

Dark Descent                                                                       Creeping Shadow

Dark Melody                                                                         Bleeding Snow

Dark Destiny                                                                         Turning Tide

Dark Hunger                                                                         Weeping Sky

Dark Secret                                                                        Falling Fire Parts 1 & 2

Dark Demon                                 Warriors: Omen of the Stars – Erin Hunter

Dark Celebration                                                                The Fourth Apprentice

Dark Possession                                                                      Fading Echoes

Dark Curse                                                                              Night Whispers

Dark Slayer                                                                           Sign of the Moon

Dark Peril                                                                        The Forgotten Warrior

Dark Predator                                                                       The Last Hope

Dark Storm                                                                      Shadow Riders – Christine Feehan

Dark Lycan                                                                                Shadow Rider

Dark Wolf                                                                                  Shadow Reaper

Dark Blood                                                                                Shadow Keeper

Dark Crime                                                                                Shadow Warrior

Dark Ghost                                                                                 Shadow Flight

Dark Promises                                                                            Shadow Storm

Dark Carousel

Leopard People – Christine Feehan

The Awakening

Wild Rain

Burning Wild

Wild Fire

Savage Nature

Leopard’s Prey

Cat’s Lair

Wild Cat

Leopard’s Fury

Warriors: Super Editions – Erin Hunter

Firestar’s Quest

Bluestar’s Prophecy

SkyClan’s Destiny

Crookedstar’s Promise

Yellowfang’s Secret

Tallstar’s Revenge

Bramblestar’s Storm

Warriors: Novellas – Erin Hunter

Hollyleaf’s Story

Mistystar’s Omen

Cloudstar’s Journey

Tigerclaw’s Fury

Leafpool’s Wish

Dovewing’s Silence

Mapleshade’s Vengeance

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