E-Books vs. Print Books


Alright, I give up, I’m joining the argument. I commented on a post about this a while back, E-reader vs. Physical Book by the blog romance4thebeach and I gave my opinion that I love them both. I stand by my opinion, to me they are both great.

Now, others have said that the smell of books is why they prefer physical books over the e-reader but, while I do agree that books have a lovely smell, it’s not that strong of an argument for me. Why can’t they be liked together?


My thing is this; some e-books are cheaper and I can carry loads of books in my hands while I can only carry one or two physical books in my bag, depending on how big they are and if they’re paperback or hardback.

I also have loads of physical books, which I still read so why buy it again on the e-reader unless I lose it or it completely just falls apart and is beyond saving?

Another point I have on physical books is that some of them have a special cover or picture on the inside cover that you can’t get on the Kindle so, I spring for the hardback even though it’s cheaper on Kindle.

Case in point here are some examples.

Warriors Super Editions:

2489055Kindle picture Crookedstar's_Promise Hardback cover

SE-2 Kindle picture SE-2-I Hardback cover

Now for the inside picture I talked about, the insides of the recent Christine Feehan hardcover books for her Dark Saga.

insidepanels Dark Predator tumblr_nswcgrZRQd1snihkjo1_540 Dark Lycan

tumblr_nswcjbFoSo1snihkjo1_1280 Dark Wolf and tumblr_nswclm5al51snihkjo1_540 Dark Blood.

Aren’t those just beautiful? I wouldn’t have been able to get them had I gotten them on kindle.

But, in the kindles favor, I have been getting a ton of free books that I wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise or I wouldn’t have even looked twice at. Now that I’m getting free books though, I’ve gotten way out of my comfort zone and found books that I really like that aren’t of my favorite genre.

So for me, e-readers and physical books are half and half for me, I love them both so I want to know what you think, which you prefer and I would love to know the reasons why.


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  1. I strongly prefer ebooks. They’re often cheaper or free. It’s a lot easier to lug around a bunch of ebooks than it is a bunch of books. I’ve gotten into reading a lot of self published books, and they only come as ebooks. Lighting is never an issue with my kindle fire, which is something I really love. When I read physical books I can’t sit in certain positions because the light won’t hit the book the right way. The search feature on the kindle is great when looking for a certain quote or passage. Being able to look up the definition of a word by highlighting is a great feature. I’m too lazy to grab the dictionary with books. And I never need to scrounge to find a bookmark since it automatically saves the page.

    I agree that physical books are better when there are maps or pictures in them. Even if an ebook has the pics it’s not as easy to view them. Plus novels with glossaries or appendixes are better with books because it’s easier flip to it for reference.

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    1. Another good point about e-books that I love, is the lighting and bookmark thing. Also, with the case for my Kindle Fire I can prop it up so I can lay down and not be in an uncomfortable position to read.

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  2. I’ve always been an ink and paper girl, but I’ve allowed myself to evolve with the times. I love holding a book in my hands, but I always have my Kindle app with me. E-books are cheaper, easier to lug around, and quick to purchase. If I love a book I’ll buy the paperback just to have it on my shelf.

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