Dark Celebration: Dark Series Book 17


Name: Dark Celebration

Author: Christine Feehan

Published: September 5, 2006 by Jove

Purchased: Years ago, $7.99 on Kindle.


My very first Dark series book and one of my favorites. I remember when I got this book, I was in the high school band and we went on an annual trip to a water park and I went to the gift shop at the hotel we were staying at. That cover caught my eye and I tried to walk away but I couldn’t get that cover out of my head so I bought it and I have never regretted it.

It’s so great to see the other couples again and to find out that two of them are pregnant, I love this book. Even though it isn’t Christmas right now, I can feel the Christmas spirit.

I absolutely love the scenes with Dimitri and Skyler, they are my number one favorite couple and I love how sweet and gentle he is with her. I think there’s some controversy with Dimitri being so old and Skyler being 16. She triggered the lifemate reaction because she’s been through so much and she’s mature because of it but because she’s still young, Dimitri isn’t pushing his claim. He only did that because Gabriel and Francesca weren’t able to protect her. He’s giving her time to grow and heal a bit more from her past.

The prank with Gregori, while funny being set up wasn’t all that funny when pulled off but, I think that’s just me. I thought it was great to see all those males laughing.

Little side note, the De La Crus brothers really need to stop with the whole kidnapping thing, I go into their books with a biased attitude against them.

Along with the celebration, I loved the mystery that was woven in, making the reunion tense and more fun.

I love that every chapter is with a new couple and yet it still follows Mikhail.

*Warning: Spoiler*

Learning about Gary being jaguar was a great shock after reading the other books first. When I finally for around to getting the other books, I had forgotten who Gary was, even when I read Dark Magic.

*Spoiler ended*

This book has a beautiful cover and has a light-hearted yet very dark feel to it. I would recommend this to this who want to start the Dark series but want to get to know the characters before hand. All of the couples, from Dark Prince to Dark Demon are given some screen time.

Thank you for reading my review.



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