Dark Legend: Dark Series Book 8


Name: Dark Legend

Author: Christine Feehan

Published: January 28, 2002 by Leisure Books

Purchased: Years ago, $7.99 on Kindle


*Warning: This will contain spoilers*

This is such a great book. There is quite a bit going on besides this couple getting to know each other. There’s a jealous doctor, more vampires, Skyler Rose and the two legends that we’ve heard about in some of the past books.

I know I’ve said this about other characters, mostly about Gregori, that he just steals your heart but with Skyler, my goodness I just wanted to wrap her up and protect her. She stole my heart from the first moment and has been a favorite character ever since. Her book isn’t even close and I was so anxious when it was coming out because it’s the 25th book and we’re just on the 8th! So many feelings when it comes to Skyler, especially in Dark Celebration, which I can’t wait to get too.

I don’t know how many times I’ve read this book, I remember getting it from the book store but I can’t remember when, but the ending will always get me. I mean, Lucian had me confused when I first read this book and when he sacrifices himself like that, ugh, I remember yelling my own protest along with Francesca and it still brings me to edge of my seat.

After hearing their story in Dark Challenge, I was anxious to get to their books and I’m so glad that they were close and the author didn’t do what she did with the book I just mentioned and Dark Gold, another set of twins, and split them up.

Back to my actual review. Even though he didn’t ask her consent before binding her to him, Gabriel was still a sweetheart, trying to get to know her, giving her the space she needed and trying to be her friend.

Also, seeing an ancient Carpathian female who knew the history and kept up with everything was interesting to read about after Desari, another ancient Carpathian female but she had no knowledge of her people.

Back to Skyler. I instantly fell in love with her and even though I know how her story ends, I’m still quite anxious about reading it. I do love the fact that they didn’t neglect Skyler, there were plenty of opportunities to just keep Skyler in the background but I’m really glad that the author kept her up front. First time I think I’m happy about a side character not being kept to the side.

I would really like the see Francesca’s remedy brought to more of the Carpathian people, it’s an interesting concept, a Carpathian being able to go out into the sun and I would think that more of them would want it, at least the old couples or even those who were human and it seems like it helps in the female baby department.

I would recommend this to those reading the Dark series. I wouldn’t really recommend reading this one and Dark Legend out of order, these are some very important Carpathians so I wouldn’t really consider these stand alones like I would some others.

Thank you for reading my review.



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