Awakened: Vampire Awakenings Book 1


Title: Awakened

Author: Brenda K. Davies

Published: September 22, 2012 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Purchased: November 19, 2012, free on Kindle.


Blurb: Traumatized by her past, and struggling to move on from it, Sera has spent the past three years of college hiding herself from the world and content to stay that way. A chance encounter with Liam shatters her sheltered world, leaving her stunned and shaken by the strange feelings and emotions he arises in her, feelings she never thought she would experience and that frighten her in their intensity. Harboring a dark and deadly secret of his own, Liam knows that he should stay away from Sera; that he will only bring her more hurt, but he is irresistibly drawn to her and unable to deny himself the pleasure that only she can bring to him. But when their pasts collide with their present, and Liam’s true nature is revealed, will their love for each other be enough, or will they be torn apart forever? 

Review: This was, for lack of a better word, interesting. It was almost like Twilight but way more intense. A few similar bits but that’s it. The way they are about each other is way more intense and possessive. Makes what Bella and Edward had look like puppy love.

There were some cute moments but there wasn’t really anything that made me smile, at least not that I can remember.

The ending was what knocked me a small loop, I didn’t really expect that to happen. I thought that if anything were to happen that she would still be human.

It took a while for the vampire thing to come out, a lot longer than usual, I think all the way to chapter ten but it wasn’t boring like some stories can be. There was a lot that led up to it though, hell it didn’t even feel like a vampire novel until it came out and then a bunch of other stuff happened that made me forget that it even felt like a normal novel.

It was well written and pretty engaging. There were a lot of POV changes between the two main characters so it got a little confusing at times.

There’s quite a bit of sex, so I wouldn’t really recommend this to young readers. It’s quite a read so, get ready for the long haul if you pick it up.

Thank you for reading my review.



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