Captivated: Adam & Ella Book 1


Title: Captivated

Author: Emily Jane Trent

Published: January 20, 2014 by Camden Lee Press, LLC

Purchased: June 12, 2015, free on Kindle.


Blurb: Ella Walker meets a gorgeous Italian surfing at her beach, and he lights up her life.

She feels like she’s known him forever, but fears she will lose him.

The sexy, rich hero has a dark secret that could tear them apart forever. Can you meet your soul mate, only to lose him in the same instant?

“He stood at the shoreline, and I knew there would never be another like him. Yet he’s a man I can’t have. I know he’s a vision and will disappear.”

Adam Bianci is drawn to the woman he rescues, after she falls from a wave and plummets into the ocean. In his eyes she is beautiful, and passion flames between them. But he shouldn’t involve Ella in the evil he must face in Brazil. But will he stay away from her?

Review: I didn’t know how to start off this review, I didn’t even know how I was going to fill up my journal page. I might repeat myself a couple of times because I refused to let my page be half way blank.

Speaking of repetition, for six chapters, and I suspect beyond that, it was a monotone, choppy repeat of the same lines. I mean my favorite author Christine Feehan is getting repetitive but she at least gets the plot going within the first couple of chapters.

It was just on and on about how couldn’t stop thinking about him and how he should stay away but he can’t. I just had to put the book down.

Also, the dialogue didn’t even convey that she and her best friend were best friends. It felt like awkward small talk.

She’s also supposed to be an aspiring author who is struggling to write a fiction romance novel but she only writes in her diary and tells the readers things we already know.

This really could have been shorter, the author could have done without all of the repeats with only itty bitty tidbits of what the plot is. So she’s obsessed and he’s supposed to stay away, we get it. Move on with it and get to the plot.

If you read or have read the book and you like it, talk to me about it and I’ll see about reading it again.

Thank you for reading my review.



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