Give It Back

Title: Give It Back Author: Danielle Esplin Published: March 3, 2016 by Black Rose Writing Purchased: June 19, 2017 free, now $3.99 on Kindle. ☆/5 Blurb: Lorraine: Not long ago, Lorraine lost her husband to another woman. She thought that was the worst thing that could happen to her, but soon she realizes it’s just... Continue Reading →

51 Sleepless Nights

Title: 51 Sleepless Nights Author: Tobias Wade Published: June 18, 2017 by Tobias Wade Purchased: I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy, $2.99 on Kindle ☆☆☆/5 Blurb: Horror/Thriller Stories Collection A diverse collection of short horror stories including the grizzly confessions of a serial killer, parallel dimensions, becoming trapped in a virtual world, and... Continue Reading →

Aaru: The Aaru Cycle Book 1

Title: Aaru Author: David Meredith Published: July 9, 2017 by David Meredith Purchased: I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book, $5.99 on Kindle. ☆☆☆☆/5 Blurb: Rose is dying. Her body is wasted and skeletal. She is too sick and weak to move. Every day is an agony and her only hope... Continue Reading →

Netherworld: The Chronicles of Koa Book 1

Title: Netherworld Author: K.N. Lee Published: May 11, 2013 by K.N. Lee Purchased: Received from instafreebie, voluntarily read and reviewed, $2.99 on Kindle. ☆☆☆/5 Blurb: Demons, ghouls, vampires, and Syths. The Netherworld Division is an organization of angels and humans who are there to keep the escaped creatures from the Netherworld in check in this... Continue Reading →

Forbidden Birth: Chris Ravello Book 1

Name: Forbidden Birth Author: William Rubin Published: July 8, 2016 by Phillip Calenda MD 2PC Purchased: Gifted by the author, voluntarily read and reviewed, $2.99 on Kindle. ☆☆☆☆/5 Blurb: Unspeakable medical procedures. A crazed serial killer. Who will protect the innocent and at what cost? Doctor Christopher Ravello is driven by an unquenchable desire to... Continue Reading →

Rio Street Kid Stargazer: Rio Crime Book 1

Name: Rio Street Kid Stargazer Author: Craig S. Wilson Published: May 5, 2016 by Networlding Publishing Purchased: I voluntarily reviewed a complementary copy of this book from the publisher. ☆/5 Blurb: A gripping, gritty, action-packed crime thriller ripped from today's headlines in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Beyond the beautiful beaches and elegant hotels lurks the... Continue Reading →

Heart of Stone: Hollywood Lies Book 2

Name: Heart of Stone Author: Debbra Lynn Published: June 24, 2016 by Debbra Lynn Purchased: I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book ☆☆☆☆/5 Blurb: Caleb Stone’s life had never been easy – though nurtured by a loving and devoted mother, he’d been forced to become a man early at the hands of... Continue Reading →

Beyond The Red Carpet: Hollywood Lies Book 1

Name: Beyond The Red Carpet Author: Debbra Lynn Published: December 9, 2015 by Debbra Lynn Purchased: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book, $0.99 on Kindle ☆☆☆/5 Blurb: Sophia Donovan had it all: a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills, a successful career at a high-profile celebrity magazine, amazing friends – and she... Continue Reading →


Name: Wanted Author: Jo Ho Published: November 4, 2016 by Jo Ho Purchased: Received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, $4.99 on Kindle ☆☆☆☆☆/5 I could not have picked a better book to be doing a review on for my 300th post on this blog, I never thought I... Continue Reading →

The 5

Name: The 5 Author: Richard Freeland Published: July 10, 2016 by Pronoun Purchased: Received free from the author in exchange for an honest review, $2.99 on Kindle. ☆☆☆☆/5 Blurb: Gone without a trace, between 2011 and 2014, five young girls living within a 40 mile radius of Sutton, Tennessee, disappeared. They were never seen again.... Continue Reading →

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