I would like to apologize for not posting in a while. I just haven't had the energy to do the thing I've come to love, review books. Half of it is because the books I've been reading lately just haven't been...enjoyable right now. The other half is personal reasons. I'm catching up on my book... Continue Reading →

Dark Ghost: Dark Series Book 28

Name: Dark Ghost Author: Christine Feehan Published: September 1, 2015 by Berkley Purchased: September 24, 2015, $13.99 on Kindle. ☆☆☆☆☆/5 Blurb: He wasn’t civilized or tame. He had his own code and he lived by it. Monk. Bounty hunter. Vampire slayer. Andre Boroi has spent centuries battling the undead, holding out against the dark with... Continue Reading →

Books That Stick With Us

*This personal post may contain spoilers of the book I'm talking about, read at your risk.* I was thinking about the books I'm re-reading and the books I've read and when I saw my Kindle app on my computer showing me a picture of the book Consequences, I realized that this book has literally been... Continue Reading →

The Pre-Review

Just read

I have a conundrum. I hate pre-reviews. You know the reviews that people put up on books before they are released. The 5 star ratings that say “I CAN’T WAIT!!!” with unicorns and rainbows, but they haven’t actually read the book yet. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. They make me so crazy for these two reasons the most:

  1. They dilute any real ARC reviews. If I’m looking at reviews to purchase a book, I can’t trust the rating because who knows how many 5 stars are just people that are excited to get a book. The ARC readers could be rating it 5 stars but now the true average is skewed.
  2. It hurts the authors and publishers. They tend to get alot of likes, so they are at the top. This is a problem because when I’m looking for an actual review, all I find is…OMG when am…

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I know I don't post everyday, except for that month in July, but I honestly do love running this blog. I actually feel productive and I feel like I have some sort of purpose. I write down a bunch of books I want to read, that I have, in my book journals (I have two so... Continue Reading →

Another 3 Books I DNF

Name: Absolute Fear: New Orleans Book 4 Author: Lisa Jackson Published: January 1, 2007 by Zebra Purchased: 2015, free bin at 2nd & Charles, $5.99 on Kindle ☆/5 Name: Remember Me Author: Mary Higgins Clark Published: January 1, 1994 by Pocket Books Purchased: 2015, free bin at 2nd & Charles, $6.99 on Kindle ☆/5 Name:... Continue Reading →

Hidden Sins: Luke Fletcher Book 1

Name: Hidden Sins Author: Karice Bolton Published: June 8, 2014 by Bulldog Press Purchased: July 22, 2015, free on Kindle. ☆☆☆☆/5 This was a little better than the author's other book Beyond Control and I think it was because of the plot, it didn't specifically revolve around the two and Hannah wasn't really turning into... Continue Reading →

Blood Toy Brings Seductive Evil And Delicious Cruelty Back To The Modern Vampire Tale!

Blood Toy



July 1, 2015—Blood Toy is the story of Diane Woods, a single-minded vampire huntress, who, during her three-year quest for vengeance, unwittingly attracts the attention of the one sire she cannot kill. What begins as a simple assassination turns into a cat-and-mouse game with a sadistic predator who hungers for more than blood. “I really enjoyed the fast paced nature of the plot,” says Ann Livi Andrews, author of Hollow Towns. “I was quickly thrown into Diane’s world and was immediately caught up in the action. We’re introduced to Diane’s antagonist shortly after that and I was not disappointed with his mind games and stalkerish attention to Diane.”

Mack Moyer, author of Sketches of the Wigwam, called Desollador, Blood Toy’s chief antagonist, “an excellent bad buy—a psychopath of Ramsay Bolton proportions.” He goes on to say, “Blood Toy will appeal to vampire lovers…

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Paranormal Fiction

I love reading fiction, especially the paranormal genre and I'm going to use this blog to review some of the books that I've recently read and are currently reading. I've been writing my reviews in a little journal because I don't have my computer on me, but this will give me a chance to re-write... Continue Reading →

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