8 Years

So…It’s been 8 years since I made this blog and it’s been almost a year since I made a post. Am I sad about that? Yes, of course I am. I’ve been in a slump for about 3 years now and I’m ready to get out of it. So… On that note…I will not be taking review requests until I know for a fact that I am out of this slump. I want to find the joy of reading again and I think that will only happen if I read books that I know and love and write reviews on those.

I’ve already said in another “come back” post that I wasn’t going to set myself to a schedule to post and I think I’m going to stick with that because I am always so tired and following that kind of schedule will just keep me from finding the joy of reading again. I want to read, I want to be excited about reading again.

I’ll edit my review policy to say that I’m not taking requests at the moment, I’m taking a break from that, but I want to be able to do that again. I finally got my own bookshelves that are in my room, where I can directly see my books. For the longest time now it’s been “out of sight, out of mind,” so hopefully this will kick me into gear. I love seeing how full these bookshelves are and they are packed. I want to be excited about getting more books and filling up another bookshelf, so…here’s my blog anniversary/birthday wish. That I come back, that I find that excitement and that I get back into doing what I love.

If you’ve stuck with me this long, thank you. So much. You mean the world to me and I hope that you still have that joy of reading and never lose it.


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