Zombie Day Care

Title: Zombie Day Care

Author: Craig Halloran

Series: Impact Series Book 1

Published: September 30, 2011 by Two-Ten Book Press

Price: $0.99 on Kindle.


Blurb: The Facility is what the Washington D.C. officials call it. It is a day care for zombie children, tucked deep in the east coast hills. Is there a cure for the zombies? The children of the undead give them the best hope. There are those who think the zombie threat is harmless…and those that don’t. The World Humanitarian Society wants to protect the zombies…or do they? Friends, family and colleagues are set at odds, dealing with the deadly dilemma. What about the zombies? What rights do they have in all of this? Or are they just a means to another diabolical end?

Review: Another finished. One to finally not put on the DNF pile..but it is in the one star pile. I finished it, but that’s about the only positive thing I can say about this book.

Is this supposed to be a spoof? This is supposed to be a joke, right?

First off…the “elixir” to slow down the zombies? Made me roll my eyes every time it was brought up. Second, the jump in POV’s. It would jump to the POV of the zombies. I don’t care. I do not care to see the story from the zombies point of view unless it’s like the show iZombie or something of that nature.

I was rolling my eyes, putting it down and really struggling to pick it back up. The way this was written..I just couldn’t really take this seriously. The characters are so one-sided that it’s not even funny. They’re thinking of the wrong things at the wrong times and the only females that are mentioned seem to be only there to be sexualized.

The pacing was fast, the plot seemed weak and the characters I didn’t care for at all. While I was writing this review in my journal, I was struggling not to pass out because it was so late. The reason for me writing it so late? It’s just forgettable, so I wanted to write what I thought before I forgot it. Safe to say that I will not be going on with the series.

Thank you for reading my review.


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