Title: #zombie

Author: Al K. Line

Series: Zombie Botnet Book 1

Published: January 20, 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Price: Free on Kindle.


Blurb: In a normal house in the English suburbs Ven, a mother and world class hacker, presses enter on her keyboard and Armageddon is unleashed. She loses almost everything with that fateful keystroke.

The largest Web hack ever performed has devastating repercussions as it all goes horribly wrong. Designed to compromise the world’s connected devices, the zombie botnet delivers subliminal data packets via social media and more – in an afternoon most of the world is either infected or eaten.

Now it is a fight for survival for Ven and her baby. Kyle, her one and only friend, and her faithful tubby Labrador Boscoe, help navigate the apocalyptic nightmare that is now their world.

The problem is Ven has never used a gun in her life, has no idea how to kill a zombie, and finds it hard to leave the house without doing her make-up.

Review: Another one. Another one that I just cannot finish. I cannot go through with this. I had already skipped a whole chapter on ‘how to build a botnet’, I do not need to know how to do that. Now, I found myself skipping over all the fluff just to get to the meat of the plot and I just felt like there was so much padding.

This felt like a half-baked notion…There were so many jumps between third and second person, a few jumps from the humans POV to the dogs POV to the zombie’s POV. Just…all over the place. I think it was the jump to the dog’s POV that made me stop. I couldn’t continue.

Added to the DNF pile . It just seemed like it could use some more time in the rough draft phase, but the author wanted to crank out the word count, to get a book out. There were just so many things that made me heave a heavy sigh.

I highlighted so many things that made me roll my eyes. I had put one example of it down in my journal, but I don’t know if I’m accurate in thinking this. The protagonist has a mild form of Aspergers and she has to have the house clean. And she can lock herself away for three days straight when she has a 3 month old daughter and her husband works. Is that accurate? If anyone knows, please let me know because that just…that just doesn’t seem right to me, but I don’t know. I don’t have Aspergers and I don’t know if I know anyone that does have it, but being able to keep a spotless house and being able to lock yourself away from your three month old baby while your husband works just doesn’t work in my mind. So, please, let me know.

Thank you for reading my review!


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