How Many?

How many times is this, now? Hey everyone, what time is it again? It’s time for me to say that I’m back for the umpteenth time. I’m hoping I can actually stay back this time and not disappear into the void again because this time, I didn’t start out reading books that I didn’t know, or that I didn’t like.

If you follow me on Goodreads, you’ve been following my progress as I read my way back through the Dark series by Christine Feehan and I just posted a re-review of Dark Gold, because I felt that my opinion of it had changed so much that I needed to recant what I had said in it. My rating of it hadn’t changed, but my view of the couple in that story had.

Now, here’s the thing. I had written that back in February and it’s been sitting in my drafts for months because I couldn’t drum up the energy to set up my dragons and space tapestry, just felt like too much work when I was in the process of moving and working so much. So I just decided to continue reading the rest of the Dark books and I got to the ones that I hadn’t read yet and that I hadn’t done reviews for.

Well, I’m all caught up on that series and I’ve written the reviews in my journal. Now, to just get them from paper to digital. Again, I’m not making any promises on a regular posting schedule, I’m not promising that I’m back for regular scheduled reviewing, but I hope to be more active. Now that I’m reading through books back to back and back into the mindset of loving what I’m doing and feeling like I’m being bogged down, maybe this time will actually be different.

My fellow bookwyverns, you guys are the best and you’ve been with me through all my slumps.


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