You Loved Me At My Darkest

Title: You Loved Me At My Darkest

Author: Evie Harper

Series: You Loved Me Book 1

Published: August 25, 2014 by Evie Harper

Price: $3.99 on Kindle


Blurb: Blood is thicker than water…

Having endured more than their share of tragedy, sisters Lily and Sasha embark on a dream holiday—only to find themselves in hell. Kidnapped by a rich madman, Sasha is sold into slavery, while Lily is forced to join The Collection, a unique bevy of exotic beauties enduring frequent horrors at the hands of elite bidders. However, no amount of pain and suffering will break Lily, who will stop at nothing to save her younger sister. Possibly with help from an unlikely ally.

Love is stronger than loyalty…

Attempting to prove his allegiance to his employer, Jake is tasked with guarding the unruly and uncontrollable Lily. He can’t afford to help her in her quest to free Sasha—not if he hopes to fulfill his own agenda. But in their dark, gritty, tension-filled world, solace is taken wherever it’s found. Bonds are formed and hearts engage despite Jake’s resistance and both their attempts at self-preservation.

When certain secrets come to light, the resulting explosion has breathtakingly bittersweet consequences that, by the end, may not leave everyone whole…or alive.

Review: I got to chapter 9 and I just had to stop. I felt like I was giving my eyes a work out with how much I was rolling them. I felt nothing for no one.

Am I supposed to root for Jake? Am I? Then don’t give me insight to his creepy, stalker thoughts. I just feel like he’s another bad guy, even though it’s in the blurb that they fall in love, all I’m thinking about is his creepy, stalker thoughts.

The writing makes me feel nothing and I really don’t like the first person perspective. I’ve never liked first person, but there have been some books were it has worked. This was not one of them. I felt like I was reading diary entries, which would be fine if that is what the story is meant to be. This wasn’t meant to be read as diary entries. I just really didn’t like the way this read. I literally imagined someone just sitting in a room or wherever they were, just writing in a journal and so, it took me out of the experience. I feel like this could have been good, it could have been suspenseful but the way it was executed just wasn’t good.

I didn’t feel at all threatened by the main antagonist, especially when he ‘roared’. I feel like I would have been more scared by him, and it would have added a bit more ‘power’ to him, had he not roared. Had he not raised his voice. I can’t seem to find the quote, but it reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada, where Meryl Streep never raised her voice, but you knew she had the power. She terrified everyone. This guy does not terrify me.

These books that I’ve been reading after the X-Gen series have really felt like fan-fiction and have just..disappointed me. They aren’t giving me the inspiration I need and want. This is what I get for just downloading a bunch of books that seemed interesting, but I also want to get out of my paranormal romance comfort zone. This is just not where I want to go. Another for the DNF pile.

Thank you for reading my review.


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