Caught Up

I am all caught up on my book reviews. Well, I have one more, but I’m pretty caught up. SO, that means, no more posts every day or every other day. That doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere, though! So don’t worry! I’m still here and still going to be posting reviews when I get finished with books. If I think of something to post that isn’t a review, I’ll do that too. Still not making promises about staying or making a posting schedule, because I think that’s why I was able to keep doing this while I caught up.

So I just felt like I wanted to come here and say, I’m caught up, but I’m not going to disappear like I have done. I don’t plan on that. I’m having too much fun taking pictures of my dragons and crystals and getting dragons and crystals. So while waiting for another post, go check out some book reviews! Some of my older ones, see how I have progressed and if you have suggestions for me to improve, I would love to hear them!

Thank you all for making this so easy and for staying with me through all of my slumps. I love you all!


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