So you've probably noticed a change that has started happening on my posts. I've started putting the series in the actual post instead of in the title, I've started putting just the price instead of when I purchased and the pictures have changed. Instead of just the cover of the book, I've got dragons and... Continue Reading →


Title: Cursed Series: The first three books of the Fear Street saga. Author: R.L. Stine Published: December 20, 2016 by Simon Pulse Price: $13.99 ☆☆☆☆☆/5 Blurb: From the beloved and bestselling author of the Goosebumps series comes three haunting and terrifying Fear Street Saga novels—now available in one chilling paperback edition.Fear Street is cursed.It’s been... Continue Reading →


Title: Qualify Series: The Atlantis Grail Book 1 Author: Vera Nazarian Published: December 20, 2014 by Norilana Books Price: Free on Kindle. ☆☆/5 Blurb: You have two options. You die, or you Qualify.The year is 2047. An extinction-level asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, and the descendants of ancient Atlantis have returned from the stars in... Continue Reading →

Pitch Black

Title: Pitch Black Series: Blackwood Security Book 1 Author: Elise Noble Published: November 20, 2015 by Undercover Publishing Limited Price: Free on Kindle. ☆☆/5 Blurb: Even a Diamond can be shattered… After the owner of a security company is murdered, his sharp-edged wife goes on the run. Forced to abandon everything she holds dear -... Continue Reading →

Planet Urth

Title: Planet Urth Series: Planet Urth Book 1 Author: Jennifer & Christopher Martucci Published: September 7, 2013 by Smashwords Price: $0.99 on Kindle. ☆☆☆/5 Blurb: More than two hundred years into the future, human beings are an endangered species. The planet has been battered by war, its inhabitants plagued by disease and death. Few humans... Continue Reading →

Prince of Wolves

Title: Prince of Wolves Series: The Grey Wolves Book 1 Author: Quinn Loftis Published: June 29, 2011 by Quinn Loftis Price: Free on Kindle. ☆/5 Blurb: Jacque Pierce was just an ordinary 17-year-old girl getting ready to start her senior year in high school in Coldspring, Texas. When a mysterious foreign exchange student from Romania... Continue Reading →

Forbidden: The Book of Mortals Book 1

Title: Forbidden Author: Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee Published: September 13, 2011 by Faith Winds Price: $7.99 on Kindle. ☆/5 Blurb: Many years have passed since civilization's brush with apocalypse. The world's greatest threats have all been silenced. There is no anger, no hatred, no war. There is only perfect peace... and fear. But a... Continue Reading →

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