Title: Himagus

Author: Kerat Kaur Jhaj

Published: July 18, 2020 by Kerat Kaur Jhai

Price: $5.25 on Kindle.


Blurb: A planet called Himagus, had been planning to take over Earth and terminate mankind for decades. And when that did happen it was all because of two Himagusians, one a werewolf and the other a magus, who had lived on Earth for seven years to complete this task. But as they both fell for one human girl, they kept her alive.

And now it’s up to her, to attempt bringing humans back, take her revenge on these Himagusians or admit she’s in love and live happily ever after.

Review: I was given a free .mobi in exchange for an honest review and this is one time that I am sorry for the honesty I have to give. Mainly because this was written by a high school student and I do not want to tear down their confidence and I want them to keep working and keep writing and keep publishing.

I am sorry, but this is going into the DNF pile. While I applaud the author for publishing her first novel while still in high school, I just…could not finish this. I believe this could have benefited from being run through the editing process a few more times before publication.

I do not want to bring her confidence down at all, I see the potential here and I do believe that this would make an interesting story, but I think this could have used more time in the rough draft phase before being put into the final draft.

There needed to be more attention to detail in the emotions of the main character, especially when she discovers her family dead. I didn’t even think she was reacting to finding the first member of her family dead until close to the end when she found everyone else. Then it seemed like she kept forgetting that this alien that is in love with her killed her family and the whole human race. I know I kept forgetting about it.

I just really believe this could have used some more attention and some more editing and it would have been much better. I wish I could have read through all 17 chapters, but I just couldn’t bring myself to force my way through it and I did not want to tear this book down when it’s her first and she’s in high school. I hope she continues to write and continues to work. I am actually interested to see how she improves.

Thank you for reading my review


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