So you’ve probably noticed a change that has started happening on my posts. I’ve started putting the series in the actual post instead of in the title, I’ve started putting just the price instead of when I purchased and the pictures have changed. Instead of just the cover of the book, I’ve got dragons and a Hogwarts background.

I have a little army that I’m building up because I tend to go by bookdragon or bookwyvern now on my emails and social media handles. So one day I just went by a store in the mall that’s called 2nd&Charles and I saw these dragons there. Decided to buy them so that way I could take pictures of the book covers and my journals and make it fun and interactive for me.

I’ve been in a reading slump for…2? 3? years now. And I want to get out of it. I don’t have the energy still and it would just be so easy to go back into it if I were just copy and pasting book covers and not doing anything fun with it, not being creative with it. So I’m trying to do something different here. In the year of 2021 after starting this blog in 2015. Finally, something new, right?

I hope I can keep this up, but again, I am making no promises so I don’t disappoint anyone or myself. I am working on getting other backgrounds and maybe some more dragons and crystals so I can have variety in pictures as well.

Thank you all for being so understanding, I love and appreciate all of my followers.


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