The Returning: Seer Book 3

Title: The Returning

Author: Rachelle Dekker

Published: January 17, 2017 by Tyndale House Publishers

Price: $6.29 on Kindle.


Blurb: Twenty years have passed since Carrington and Remko Brant’s baby, Elise, was kidnapped and they were forced to leave her captive in the Authority City. Though they fled with the Seers far from Authority reach, they’ve never given up hope of rescuing their daughter from the man who betrayed them. Now Authority President, he’s ushered the city into a new era of “peace”–one where the Scientist Roth Reynard’s Genesis Serum has eradicated all memory of emotion or rebellion.But the mysterious Aaron and his Seers are once again on the move, threatening the illusion the Authority has worked so hard to build. As the Seers send seven chosen warriors to rescue Elise and bring restoration to the Authority City, the lines are drawn for a final battle between light and darkness. The key to ultimate victory may rest within the strangely powerful girl who has felt forgotten but was never abandoned–a truth she’ll need to wage war against the powerful forces of evil.

Review: The writing just seemed all over the place. It still felt like she just had to write this just because she promised her readers a trilogy, not because she had a solid idea.

At times, I even tended to forget that this was Christian Fiction, but I guess this strange…power? they have is supposed to be them being able to convert people to Christianity. I’m not on board with that. It just seemed slapped together and when said power was used, it seemed like a background idea.

The typical elements of the genre were there, but the “Christian” aspect of it just didn’t seem to mesh well with it, it just seemed like a…regular fiction post-apocalyptic novel.

Now, there was a part that tugged at my emotions, had me tearing up a little bit, but other than that, I didn’t love it. It could have been written better and not seem like a side project that was put out just to make people happy.

Thank you for reading my review.


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