Bramblestar’s Storm: Warriors Super Edition Book 7

Title: Bramblestar’s Storm

Series: Warriors

Author: Erin Hunter

Published: August 26, 2014 by HarperCollins

Purchased: Years ago, $7.49 on Kindle.


Blurb: A new clan leader will be tested.

In the aftermath of the great battle, tensions between the four warrior Clans are running high. Allies have fallen. Loyalties have been challenged. And a new leader has risen to take Firestar’s place.

Any cat would find it difficult to follow in Firestar’s paw steps, and Bramblestar is already being put to the test. Cats are wounded, prey is scare, and ThunderClan’s strength is not what it once was. If the Clan is to survive, Bramblestar must find his footing quickly–for a new threat looms on the horizon. A storm is brewing…a storm the likes of which the warrior cats have never seen, and may not survive.

Review: For some reason I remember this book as Bramblestar spending more time away from the clan than I thought, but reading this again, he’s still there. I guess maybe some more parts stuck out to me and stayed with me than others.

I had my problems with this book, I gave it three stars for a reason, but setting those aside for right now, I actually did enjoy the book. If I wasn’t as much of a fan of the series, or hadn’t binge read all the books again, I could probably overlook what I had issues with and consider this a pretty decent read. I really liked seeing Bramblestar become his own leader instead of being a Firestar echo. It kind of makes me want the authors to do a story about Onestar, he changed so drastically that I am so surprised that there isn’t a book about him.

The problems I had with this book are two big, big, big mistakes. These are mistakes that could have easily been caught had someone been paying attention. Not just the writers but the editors and proofreaders, beta readers. Someone had to know the books front and back. Or notes. You go into a book like this, it’d be a good idea to go over past notes just to make sure. I took one star away for these two huge mistakes. And they may not seem like huge mistakes, but to me they are. It messes with the consistency and the continuity of the books. I would say that the second mistake even throws out the entire second Warriors series. Not even just that…wow. It even just completely tosses out an aspect of Bluestar and all the drama with her. Ok, on to the mistakes and you’ll see what I mean.


The first mistake is when Squirrelflight said Bramblestar was her mentor….No, Dustpelt was her mentor. Not that big of a mistake, but enough of one to throw me off. The second mistake, the major one that throws off this entire timeline, is Graystripe….Graystripe saying that Stonefur and Mistystar are his kits…..excuse me? Did we not have the very first series of Warriors ending with Stonefur and Mistystar finding out that Bluestar is their mom? Did we not have a big super edition detailing the torment that Bluestar went through when losing her sister and then sending her kits to live with Oakheart in his clan so she could save hers? Did we not go through watching Feathertail fall in love and then die and then Stormfur staying behind at the Tribe just for them to….never exist? What’s going on here? Even if no one caught the Dustpelt mistake, someone should have caught this mistake.


So, all-in-all, I love the cover of this book, I can’t find a good picture of it though. It’s very eyecatching, even though it’s covered up by the plain cover. The writing is decent enough and the story flows. If it hadn’t been for those two mistakes, I would have at least given this 4 stars. I seriously debated giving this two stars because of that one major mistake, but that’s too close to saying I hated this book.

Thank you for reading my review.


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