Mistystar’s Omen: Warriors Novella Book 2

Title: Mistystar’s Omen

Author: Erin Hunter

Published: September 11, 2012 by HarperCollins

Purchased: Years ago, $3.99 on Kindle.


Blurb: A devastating challenge for the new leader of Riverclan… When leopardstar loses her ninth life, her longtime deputy, Mistyfoot, steps up to receive her new name-Mistystar-and lead her clan though a troublesome time. But Mistystar is about to discover a shocking secret about Riverclan, and her leadership is plunged into crisis as it begins.

Review: This one was so much better than Hollyleafs Story, maybe because it was with more than two cats and had more drama in it. The writing was definitely better here, full of tension and the pace flowed quite nicely.  

I liked seeing how Mistystar, a cat we’ve pretty much grown up with handle such a shocking discovery. Did she handle it well? Eh, the debate is up on that on. I think she over-reacted. Just because you find something out about someone that shocks you does not mean they suddenly stop being who they were.

This is a very short review for a very short novella.

Thank you for reading my review.


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