The Last Hope: Omen of the Stars Book 6

Title: The Last Hope

Series: Warriors

Author: Erin Hunter

Published: April 3, 2012 by  HarperCollins

Purchased: April 2, 2012, $7.99 on Kindle


Blurb: The end of the stars draws near. Three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts forever. . . .

After countless moons of treachery, Tigerstar’s Dark Forest apprentices are ready to lay siege upon the warrior Clans. As Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Lionblaze prepare to lead their Clanmates into battle, they await the arrival of the mysterious fourth warrior who is prophesied to help lead the Clans to glory.

The darkest hour the Clans have ever faced has dawned. Hopes will be shattered and heroes will rise as the warriors fight for their very survival.

Review: Look at Firestar in that new cover. So intense! I mean, just at the cover for Into the Wild and this one, you can see just how much he’s grown. I love that they almost mirror each other. So good.

This will always, always, always be the most emotional book of the Warriors series. It’s pretty much come full circle and I’m honestly surprised that the authors are still writing for it. I feel like this would have been a pretty good ending with a super edition after. But, I am glad about The Dawn of the Clans series.

It took me three days to get through this book. Not because of anything bad. I’m sure I could have finished this book in a day but once I got to chapter 20, I didn’t want to read anymore because I knew what would happen. I won’t say who but there are quite a few deaths in here. Of course there are, it’s the climax of the big battle. A few of those deaths tore my heart out when I was already trying not to cry.

Though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the fillers, I applaud the authors for creating a world that captures the readers attention and hearts. Not an easy thing to do.

Even though I’ve given some of the books in all four parts a bit of a low rating, I would always recommend reading every one of these.

Thank you for reading my review.


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