The Angel She Loved: Voices 0.5

The Angel She Loved

Title: The Angel She Loved

Author: Irene Kueh

Published: August 30, 2014 by Irene Kueh

Purchased: October 14, 2015 in the free Bewitched box set on Kindle


Blurb: When Elrenia Kitrusen celebrates the first day of summer at the beach, she doesn’t expect her life to be changed forever. Andrew Gritt, the picture-perfect surfer, not only saves her day, but becomes her Angel.

A week later, Elrenia and Andrew meet again at a birthday party. During a Game Finale of fighting Zombies in the Forgotten Forest, a bond is formed between them. Although it’s just a game, the Voices send out warnings to Elrenia whenever danger lurks around the corner. Through the Voices, Elrenia saves Andrew multiple times. After spending the night in the attic, magic sparks fly, and they become inseparable. Yet, three years later, Elrenia moves to Chicago and receives shattering news that Andrew is marrying another.

Will Elrenia be like the persistent ocean in pursuing her Angel? Or will she give up and watch him go from the shoreline?

Review: So I read this book about 2 years ago and in my journal, I gave it 5 stars. I’m really wondering why I did that. I’ve re-read it instead of just posting the review I wrote down in my journal at the time because I couldn’t remember anything about it, it’s been so long. I’m glad I did re-read because what I thought then is not what I think now.

In my journal I stated ‘Unrealistic images of the characters aside, though I can’t really remember what they looked like,’ that’s because the author doesn’t really go into detail about how they look. I don’t even think she mentioned hair color except for on Andrew. All I’m getting are names and a lot of He said, She said dialogue.

The way the story is written is a way that I do like, I feel like Elrenia is sitting down and telling me this story. That’s great, I enjoy that….when it’s done right. Most of the time it was, most of it wasn’t.

Example: “A few wooden benches and a swing sat in the backyard. I picked a small bench close to the pond. I peeked inside. Big and small goldfish swam around. Water lilies floated on the surface. I leaned back and enjoyed the peaceful day.”

People don’t talk like that so it threw me off my groove, though I don’t think I really had a groove when it came to this short story.

Also, word choice is a thing that matters here. There have been a few things that I let slide but this is not going to be one of them. Dislocation is not the same as a break. How I missed that the first time around, I have no idea. Every time they say that his arm is broken, it just irritates me.

I couldn’t really get attached to the characters because, as I said, it was a lot of He said, She said and not a lot of emotion. No descriptions of the characters beyond the odd hair and eye color for like…two of them. I have no desire to go on with the series and I really wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

Thank you for reading my review.



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