The Crisscrossed Lovers

The Crisscrossed LoversTitle: The Crisscrossed Lovers

Author: Scarlett Archer

Published: August 1, 2017 by Scarlett Archer

Purchased: I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book, $0.99 on Kindle.


Blurb: Never resisting the urge to lay a woman right then and there – especially if she came with enthralling hour-glass shape and balloon-shaped breasts – Anderson Greene was an unashamed philanderer. Apart from being a successful young artist in Miami, he was an absolutely stunning man, and he knew it. He also knew his success wasn’t bound to the shores of the beaches of Miami alone, so when he got the invitation to auction his paintings in a gallery in New York, he took it without second thoughts. It meant more success for him, really and definitely more women, but Anderson never had plans to get involved with an ambitious, rich, and seasoned lawyer; an absolutely gorgeous billionaire brunette who naturally had the most lasting effect on him from the first time they met in a pub.

Atkinson Maples was back in New York after eight years to prove her billionaire kingpin father wrong that she could make it on her own. Defiant, adventurous and absolutely desirous of city pleasure, she wanted nothing but a day of work and a night of unconditional pleasure in nightclubs. This, she told herself every morning, was why she came back home… until she met the philanderer one night and that changed everything.

Both fun-seekers thought they could move on with their lives afterwards but suddenly, Anderson must seek the help of a badass lawyer after two paintings went missing during his New York auction. His search led him to Atkinson, and things began to unfold in ways they both could not have imagined.

What transpired between them? Was the case another chance for Atkinson to prove her father wrong? Did their romance get in the way of Anderson’s ambition? Who stole the paintings?

Review: This was yet another DNF for me. I could not even get passed the prologue I had so many problems with it, I was getting tired of shaking my head at everything.

First off, the cover. I like the colors and the models but the title is in all caps and that makes me feel like I’m being yelled at. Now, the cover that I saw on Amazon is much better but I always tend to go with the cover that I see on Goodreads.

The writing just seemed to be everywhere and I couldn’t keep up. Here’s an example. He’s on a balcony but he can apparently see under her? and just…the use of the phrase a** lips is something I never thought I would see. Then, I guess he’s a mutant or something because I don’t know of anyone human that can hold their breath for minutes under water or also be able to clearly hear people talking while under water. I just couldn’t keep up with thing like this didn’t make sense.

I’m sorry but this needs some serious editing.

Thank you for reading my review.



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