Victoria: Victoria’s Journey Book 1

VictoriaTitle: Victora

Series: Daughter of Darkness

Author: W.J. May

Published: June 19, 2015 by Dark Shadows Publishing

Purchased: October 14, 2015 in the Bewitched Box Set, free on Kindle.


Blurb: Only Death Could Stop Her Now

The Daughters of Darkness is a series of female heroines who may or may not know each other, but all have the same father, Vlad Montour.

Victoria is a Hunter Vampire, one of the last of her kind. She’s the best of the best.
When she finds out one of her marks is actually her sister she let’s her go, only to end up on the wrong side of the council.
Forced to prove herself she hunts her next mark, a werewolf. Injured and hungry, she is forced to do what she must to survive. Her actions upset the ancient council and she finds herself now being the one thing she has always despised — the Hunted. 

Review: What was the author doing here? First off, if you and three other authors are going to collaborate to make a series, you better damn well make sure that the stories line up when the characters meet. The author took her own liberty with it and completely changed their interaction.

Then the line “But I’m so complicated and flawed” immediately made me want to stop reading. I believe that was at the end of chapter 2, chapter 3 was my breaking point. She said that she didn’t know who sent her but didn’t she tell Blair in Blair’s story that it was their dad?

Then she goes and says that she was ordered to bring her back, not kill her. Hmm. Sure didn’t seem like it when you were trying to kill her in the woods.

I just couldn’t go on anymore. I believe that it really could have been better had the author matched up the stories but that really threw me off.

Thank you for reading my review.



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