Kitty: 2004-October 9, 2017

kitty 32

Look at him. Doesn’t he look like a little gentleman? I can’t remember which Christmas but he actually held still and let me put that bow on him.

My cat passed away on the 9th and it was heartbreaking. I didn’t get him as a kitten, he was a stray and then had two owners before us so I don’t know how old he was but we had him for 13 years. He was an amazing cat. First off, he had thumbs!

kitty 4

I always forgot he was old, up until he started getting sick in his last days he always acted like a kitten. Running around, wanting to play and then getting mad when I played too long. He was fearless. Any dog that would come up to him would go after and if it was just a puppy, he knew not to hurt it; he’d just slap it to put it in its place.

kitty 16

On his last day we had brought him to the vet and on the way back his head on my arm. He lifted his head just enough to give my arm a couple of licks and then laid back down. I choose to believe that he was saying goodbye and that he loved me.

I’ll miss you Kitty, I loved you so much and it’s heartbreaking knowing that I’ll never see my furry best friend again.


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