Blair: Daughter of Darkness Book 1

BlairTitle: Blair

Author: Chrissy Peebles

Published: May 29, 2015 by Dark Shadows Publishing

Purchased: October 14, 2015, free Bewitched box set on Kindle.


Blurb: Blair is half witch and half vampire. She lives with a coven of witches and hasn’t had any contact with her vampire heritage. Blair is living the perfect life until one day, everything crashes down around her. She is forced to leave everything she knows and loves, and must go on the run to save her life.

Review: This was a pleasant surprise from this author. There was one person that I really liked even though I didn’t get that much time with him; Tristian Gale. When he came in and started interacting with Blair, I instantly fell in love with him and I hated that the book ended right when it was getting interesting.

The writing was alright, if I had gone on to the second book I feel like it would just keep getting better. I don’t know how this is the same author who wrote Crush but she knows how to make an interesting character, though right now it’s just one.

The cover, I would be excited about reading it, it’s just a big face with some pretty detail around it. The pace is fine, I just wish that it was longer so that the readers could get some more time with Tristan and I also wish that the other characters were written as well as him.

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