Hollyleaf’s Story: Warriors Novella Book 1

Hollyleaf's StoryTitle: Hollyleaf’s Story

Series: Warriors

Author: Erin Hunter

Published: March 13, 2012 by HarperCollins

Purchased: 2017, $1.99 on Kindle.


Blurb: When Hollyleaf disappeared in the tunnels by the Lake, ThunderClan believed she was gone forever. But her adventure was only beginning. . . .

Lost and lonely, Hollyleaf soon meets a mysterious cat named Fallen Leaves, who teaches her how to live in the tunnels. Hollyleaf tries to be happy, but she can’t help wondering if leaving her Clanmates was the right choice. Hollyleaf knows she’s a ThunderClan cat at heart, but can she ever truly go back?

Review: This could be read right after the last book of the Power of Three series but I also guess after the first book of the Omen of the Stars series. It’s in a weird place.

I didn’t love this novella but I did like reading it, seeing what Hollyleaf went through in the tunnels. I thought I would see what Hollyleaf was thinking when she thought she made the right decision in revealing the secret at the Gathering but I guess she was just overwhelmed.

The writing is alright, enough to keep me reading but there wasn’t really any emotion for me to feel. I guess I should read this after The Fourth Apprentice to get the emotion the authors were trying to go for.

The cover is, again, generic, the writing was alright and the pace was a little slow. All-in-all, I just liked it.

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