Immortal: Daughters of Darkness Book 0

ImmortalTitle: Immortal

Author: Chrissy Peebles

Published: January 8, 2016 by Dark Shadows Publishing

Purchased: May 3, 2017, free on Kindle


Blurb: Blair is a nurse in one of New York City’s grittiest neighborhoods. Day in and day out, she works to save the lives of as many as she can. Call it atonement… for the crimes of her ancestors. Because Blair is not just a nurse. She’s not even just a witch and a member of a powerful coven.

She’s also half-vampire. Without pure blood, Blair cannot be allowed to use her magic, and she is determined not to use her powers as a vampire to prey on those weaker than herself. So for years, she has passed as a human in order to save as many lives as she can. After all, when your father is Vlad the Impaler, there’s a certain amount of debt you owe the world.

But something dark is moving in the city, and it will take everything Blair has not to unleash her powers on it and be damned forever…

Review: I was a little surprised by this, it was good but I guess I shouldn’t be because Eternal Vows was pretty good.

I did get a little tired of the whole “I’m not supposed to use my powers” thing and I would have liked a little more description in how these characters looked, especially the love interest. I mean, at first I see him as this scrawny, timid guy and then I see him as, I guess, as the author wanted me to see him, a slim but muscular guy.

Eh, I say I liked this book but honestly, if the ending hadn’t been written the way it was I most likely wouldn’t be going on to the first book of the series.

The cover is pretty, the writing is simple but enough to keep me going. It just needs a bit more detail.

Thank you for reading my review.



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