The Light Keepers: The ShadowLight Saga Book 0.5

The Light KeepersTitle: The Light Keepers

Author: Mande Matthews

Published: May 5, 2012 by GuardianTree Press

Purchased: October 14, 2015 in the free Bewitched box set, free individually on Kindle.


Blurb: Isolated because of what she is—because of the power she holds inside—Astrid longs for contact with another human being. Her well-intentioned mother locks her away from society in order to protect her from an evil that seeks to use Astrid’s abilities for his own means. But the resulting loneliness drives Astrid deeper into the shadowwalk—a power she is forbidden to use, a magic that lands her directly into the arms of the Shadow.

Review: I was surprised at how much I liked this little novella. I really enjoyed reading it and I want to go on to the next book but I can’t.

I love the silver and white cover, it’s so pleasing to look at and really catches the eye. This book is a little teaser to get the readers yammering for the first book of the series.

The descriptions probably could have used some work, I couldn’t really see the characters in my head like I like too but, while simple, the writing still captivated me.

It was both action packed and slow, the pace kept the short story rolling and the plot was a good idea to tease us with.

I’m sure that any questions I have would be answered in the rest of the series. One would be, does she ever speak? If she didn’t, that would make for a unique female protagonist that I’ve not seen before, or at least remember reading about.

Thank you for reading my review.



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