Dawn: The New Prophecy Book 3

6421781 22635880Title: Dawn

Series: Warriors

Author: Erin Hunter

Published: December 27, 2005 by HarperCollins

Purchased: Years ago, $6.99 on Kindle.


Blurb: Something terrifying is happening in the world of the Clans. Amid the destruction of the forest, cats are disappearing, including ThunderClan’s beloved medicine cat apprentice, Leafpaw. Now the young cats who set off on a quest many moons ago have returned with a chilling message: The Clans must move to a new home, or risk extermination.

But it is not easy to convince the cats to leave. Even if all four Clans agreed to travel together, the dangers waiting for them beyond their borders are impossible to predict. More importantly, even the questing cats have no idea where they’re supposed to go. What they need is a sign from StarClan . . . but what they need most of all is a plan to save their missing warriors, or risk leaving them behind forever.

Review: This one was an emotional one but not as in heart-wrenching, tears flowing kind of emotional. It was more the way you feel when leaving the place you’ve grown up in. I can’t really give it a name, I’m coming up blank.

The writing had me feeling like the cats; weary, beat down and ready to get out.

I do kind of wish that the authors would do little novellas about the other Clans while they were waiting before they joined together for the journey, I think those would be fun little, tense reads.

I’m very glad that the journey only took 1 book this time around, though there is still a different journey to take place with exploring the territory.

I actually like the new cover for this book a bit better than the others. Those eyes are intense and it’s not an uncomfortable, awkward close up of cat face though I do wish the illustrator had done something with that beautiful background, I mean that was the premise of the story wasn’t it? Getting to that star-filled lake. Completely missed opportunity.

The pace here was great for the story, the emotion level was high and the journey was quick. I noticed a few typos but I liked this one better than the first two.

Thank you for reading my review.



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