Midnight: The New Prophecy Book 1

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Title: Midnight

Series: Warriors

Author: Erin Hunter

Published: May 1, 2005 by HarperCollins

Purchased: Years ago, $6.99 on Kindle.


Blurb: Darkness, air, water, and sky will come together…

The wild cats of the forest have lived in peace and harmony for many moons but a doom that will change everything is coming. Strange messages from their warrior ancestors speak of terrifying new prophecies, danger, and a mysterious destiny.

All the signs point to young warrior Brambleclaw as the cat with the fate of the forest in his paws. But why would the son of wicked cat Tigerstar be chosen to be a hero? And who are the other cats mentioned in the prophecy? All Brambleclaw knows for sure is that the strength and courage of the greatest warriors will be needed now, as the quest to save the Clans begins.

…and shake the forest to its roots.

Review: I remember the feeling I had the first time I read this, before I got all the Super Editions. It was a bit of a fight to get out the mindset that I would not be reading about Firestar, for some reason it came as a bit of a surprise.

The journey kind of dragged a bit, especially when they were in Twoleg-place.

The connection between Squirrelpaw and Leafpaw seems like I would have been for shock value, like with Yellowfang and her power but I like how the authors did the execution of their connection, it’s not as surprising.

Instantly connected with the characters, a little put off by Crowpaw but I have to wonder if the authors maybe did that on purpose to make it even more shocking for what happens down the road? So I can’t really take anything off of that, though I will be taking one star off for the dragging journey.

I get it, the authors want to show how long this journey will take, how dragging it is for the cats but, just give us a time frame.

The classic cover is actually better than the new cover, the new cover just seems awkward to me. I mean, uncomfortable close up of a cats face? Why not just use that gorgeous background the classic cover has, make something from that. Just to warn you, my comments on the covers of this part of the series are going to be pretty much the same.

The plot was a little slow to get going because of the journey but the plot was good, especially the plot twist at the end, I remember being completely shocked.

Thank you for reading my review.



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