Rising Storm: The Prophecies Begin Book 4

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Title: Rising Storm

Series: Warriors

Author: Erin Hunter

Published: January 6, 2004 by HarperCollins

Purchased: Years ago, $7.99 on Kindle


*Warning: This review will contain spoilers*

Blurb: Fireheart’s traitorous enemy Tigerclaw has been vanquished and exiled from Thunder Clan — but Fireheart can’t shake the feeling that he’s lurking in the forest, waiting for his chance to strike.

That’s not the only problem facing the young warrior in these blazing summer months, as he struggles to handle sinister omens, an apprentice with a shocking secret, and a devastated Clan leader who is a shell of her former self.
Meanwhile the forest gets hotter and hotter … and everyone braces for the coming storm…

Review: Oh my goodness, I forgot that this book could make me cry. Why, in the world, did they make THAT the new cover!? That is just so cruel.

This series will always get to me and I also see that there’s a new book series about lions coming out in June. Very excited.

The writing is simple, of course meant for younger audiences but detailed enough for me to actually see what’s happening in my head. Full of tension and emotion, I was tense through the whole book.

The fire hit the climax and I just snapped when Yellowfang got left behind. I tried not to cry, I know I shouldn’t get so attached to the characters but I couldn’t help it, the writing just sucks me in and gives me all these feelings.

I had to put the book down when Fireheart went back to the camp after the fire because I started to tear up and I didn’t want to cry but when I picked it up again, I couldn’t help but cry a little bit when he found her in her den where she told him she wished he was her son. I had to wipe my eyes.

This book is just so full of twists and turns and the ending, when reading for the first time, really sends you spiraling.

Thank you for reading my review.



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