Christmas with Boss Brothers Collection


Title: Christmas with Boss Brothers

Author: Amy Brent

Published: November 8, 2015 by Moonlight Passion Publishing

Purchased: I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book, $0.99 on Kindle


Blurb: Books included in this collection:

My Christmas gift: Just a few hours ago I was cursing this particular Kennedy brother, but now all I want to do is find out how the rest of his skin would feel beneath my touch. His clear blue eyes meet mine, and I realize he is going to be a lot more complicated than I initially expected.

Two Huge 4 me: She felt a sense of embarrassment as he looked at her, just taking in her appearance. She moved to cover up but he grabbed her hands holding them down by her side. She couldn’t move as he held her. He moved behind her trading places with Blake, who now had free access to her breasts as Derek held her hands down, gently but firmly.

Loving both: You guys aren’t…gay?” Sadie asked and heard Brent laugh.  “Not so much. We both loved pleasuring you, but we don’t feel the need to pleasure each other. I guess if a hand slips or something next time, then we’ll see what happens.”

Vacationing with my billionaire bosses: “You’re a virgin?” I nodded with some shame crossing my features, and he shook his head. “No, that’s beautiful. Nobody has felt you wrapped around them, tasted you,” his eyes questioned me, and I shook my head as he slid his arms down over my ass and moved his body close to mine. “That makes it even more interesting. Which one of us will you give yourself to?”

Review: I actually really enjoyed the first book, My Christmas Gift, it was a great read. I felt a great connection with the characters, it was a little emotional and while I knew what would happen by the end, the getting there wasn’t as predictable. The writing was so good that I hardly noticed the chapters passing by.

But Sam, if the book was so good why are you giving it 2 stars? Excellent question. Because that was where it ended.

The next three books really disappointed me. The first book gave me a sense of time before they fell in love, the rest happened instantly without them even knowing each other. There was no realism for me and I couldn’t connect.

Connection to the characters is very important and after the first story, it just wasn’t there. Also, the caramel skin thing is getting over played, I can’t count how many times I’ve read that in books. Why not go darker? There are darker skin tones, you know? And they are just as beautiful as caramel.

The writing is sub-par for those three books, leaving much to be desired, the pace moved way too fast and I just found myself rolling my eyes quite a bit.

Thank you for reading my review,



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