Two Year Anniversary


Well, 2/16/17 marks 2 years that I’ve been running this blog. Sometime during 2016 I got overwhelmed with how far behind I was getting in my reading because I had so many authors asking me to read their books and then I got into that reading slump and I contemplated taking a long break from blogging.

But then I thought about how I wouldn’t be where I am without this blog and I actually have fun writing and typing out reviews. It just sometimes feels like a job sometimes so, I step back until I can feel like I’m doing something I love.

I’ve had my bumps, my reading slumps and I got my first author interview and I am a firm believer that if you aren’t having a hard time continuing with something, it’s too easy, especially when it’s something you enjoy doing. It can’t all be sunshine and daisies.

I know I’m going to continue writing in my book journals and running this blog, I’m grateful to my followers for sticking with me even though my reading slumps.

I meant to post this on the 16th but I had to go to work that day and when I got home, I completely forgot about it I was so tired.


A great big thank you to my followers, those who read but don’t follow and of course, to the authors. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without all of you.


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