Our Bad Romance: Billionaire Stepbrother Book 1


Name: Our Bad Romance

Author: K. Robinson

Published: October 25, 2016 by Love & Romance

Purchased: November 2, 2016, free then, now $2.99 on Kindle.


Blurb: Seth McGregory is not your average badass biker guy. Yeah, he may love beer and cigarettes, bars, motorcycles and heavy rock but there’s something more than what meets the eye. He found himself madly in love with his step-sister, Caroline. This is obviously not right but he thinks there’s nothing wrong with falling in love with someone that doesn’t share your bloodline.

At first, Caroline was skeptical when she found out about his love but soon enough, she finds herself falling for him too. This creates huge dilemmas and sacrifices between them, along with the disapproval from their parents when they find out.

Seth will do about anything to make sure he can have Caroline to himself without a worry. The question is, how will he be able to convince their parents and make them approve of their twisted, sick relationship?

Review: First of all, that cover only does one thing for me, makes me want to punch him, he looks like a douche. Second of all, there wasn’t any kind of bad boy things going on. He’s got a bad boy image, let’s see what that image is because I didn’t even get that kind of vibe from him. Smoking a cigarette and drinking beer does not a bad boy make.

It was just too short for anything to really be done and the writing was subpar at best, I kind of just ended up skipping over those last couple of pages, mostly when she was surprised that he told her he loved her after telling her that he was deeply in love with her.

And then, just so many typos but it was a short enough read to not be that much of a deterrent. The pace was alright, especially for how short this story was, it gave a time line, which was good for it seeming like it wasn’t moving too fast.

The writing really could have been better but I don’t think there was enough time to really get a good connection with any of them so, I couldn’t really feel anything. I think a bigger reaction and maybe more of a realistic one would have helped.

Thank you for reading my review.



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