Enchanted: Curse Breaker Book 1


Name: Enchanted

Author: Melinda Kucsera

Published: September 27, 2016 by Melinda Kucsera

Purchased: I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


Blurb: Secrets threaten, but magic kills.

Plagued by sanity-twisting magic, Sarn must unravel a deadly mystery. But he’s prevented at every turn because his life is not his own. Haunted by one of the victims, Sarn must find out what happened before the ghost drives him mad.

As plans collide beneath ensorcelled boughs, one thing is certain. If Sarn can’t get his magic under control, he’ll never discover why enchanted trees committed murder. How far is he willing to go to find the answer?

The search might cost more than his sanity. Exposing the truth might claim his life and destroy the secrecy protecting his son from a killer. Something lurks in the enchanted forest and its sights are set on Sarn and the magic in his blood.

First in a new series, Curse Breaker: Enchanted is a fast-paced, character-driven fantasy tale with a murderous twist. Sarn’s story unfolds over three action-packed days in his double life leading to a breathtaking finale.

Review: The blurb says three action-packed days but that really isn’t true, at least not what I read. It was more Sarn trying to rush to be on time to do whatever his masters needed him to do. The mystery really didn’t get going, as in he didn’t really start doing anything about it until about 66% of the book. Even then, it was like pulling teeth.

This was a very long book and because it was so long, it got very, very repetitive which caused the mystery to just kind of fade away for me. When it gets to 66% and the guy is just now starting to do anything about it after trying to ignore it this whole time, I’m sorry, I just can’t continue.

I’m picking up the book less and less, it was just taking way too long to get to the point. He kept being summoned by The Queen of All Trees, which he kept ignoring while also ignoring his magic.

Also, there were some sentences that would be repeated almost word for word. The writing was fine but the pace was just so slow that even though I was curious as to what was going on and how the mystery would turn out, when he just kept fighting against it until it got past the half way mark, I just couldn’t get through it anymore.

Maybe this kind of journey type of book isn’t my cup of tea because others seem to really love it but, I tried to finish it but I started to feel like I was forcing myself to continue on.

Thank you for reading my review.



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