Pen & Paper vs. Digital


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A while back, I added my contribution to the physical books vs. kindle in e-books vs. print books and yesterday, I talked about journaling before blogging. Now the name of this post may be a little confusing, like I’m going to talk about print books and e-books again but I’m not.

I’m going into a little spin-off of both posts, mostly about writing though. In my post Journals, Journals, Journals!, I talked about writing my reviews in my journals before typing them up for my blog and I got to thinking about when I tried to keep a diary on my computer and when I tried to type my reviews before posting them and I just didn’t feel right, I couldn’t do it.

When I put that pen to that paper and feel how smooth it is, I don’t know, I just feel so good. I get my thoughts down better and just the way the ink looks when it’s coming out of the pen, I love it. With e-books and print books, I’m for both of them, let’s all be friends and share the love of reading but with writing and typing, I prefer writing over typing, or at least before typing.

Looking for the right journal, how many pages there are, how thick it is, what it looks like and then getting your favorite pen and seeing that rich, dark color slide across the lines as you write just makes me feel satisfied while typing just really leaves something to be desired for me.

Like right now, I’m kind of wishing that I had a journal just for posts like this but I save them all for my reviews and there’s also a limited amount of space to write so I most likely wouldn’t be able to write al of this and just have to type it anyway so, that sort of a lose-lose situation for writing.

Do you prefer pen and paper over typing? Why or why not?


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