Journals, Journals, Journals!


I love journals. I’ve always loved journals, the look of them, the empty pages, the feel of them and the way they look when you fill up the pages. I don’t know if it’s just me but they just feel heavier.


I tried to keep a diary when I was younger but, my mother ruined me of that notion so before I started reviewing, I would get these journals and they would just sit there blank because I can’t get into the mindset of keeping a diary, I have nothing to write about. Then I saw a book journal at Barnes and Noble and I got this Moleskine one for Christmas in 2014.


I was ecstatic and had just finished Dark Wolf so I got to writing what I thought down and now, a year later, it’s almost full, the table of contents are completely filled out with the exception of three ‘x’ slots because it’s difficult to find fiction books with titles beginning with x. Now I’m on my fifth book journal with more down the line.

There are some journals that I am intimidated by and they’re ones that I’ve seen at Barnes and Noble as well. They’re expensive, leather, thick with thinly spaced lines and I feel are much too nice for me to put reviews in.


Like that one, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to write just reviews in, I feel it’s more for someone to write songs, compose music or write a story that’s musically themed. Those types are journals I feel would inspire people to write stories and if I could write stories, I would. Trust me, I’ve tried writing and I can’t get past the first couple of sentences. I can write reviews though so I’ll stick with that.

I was going to ask about pen and paper versus digital but I think that’s another post altogether so, do you write in journals? Do you keep a diary or do you write stories, poems, songs or reviews in them before posting them online? How did you get into keeping a journal and do you have more waiting to be filled or do you buy another journal when the one you’re writing in ends?


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