Mysteries Of A Vampire


Name: Mysteries Of A Vampire

Author: Martha Woods

Published: October 14, 2016 by Martha Woods

Purchased: October 20, 2016, free then now $0.99 on Kindle. I would like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.


Blurb: When Sara Bishop loses her mind, and tries to kill herself over her mother’s death she wakes up to find police standing over her, accusing her of the murder. They lock her up in the hospital so they can decide whether or not she is fit to stand trial. It is there that she is forced to accept the fact that her life is over, until a mysterious event sends her all the way across the country to her grandmother’s house in Maine.

Sara knows that something strange happened to her mother, and that her grandmother knows what happened, but Margaret won’t say a word. She just keeps telling Sara that she’s delusional. Sara’s not buying it, so she decides to find answers wherever she can.

Something is after her. She doesn’t know what it is, just that it’s wearing human skin, and it killed her mother. She needs to know how to fight it, and her grandmother won’t be any help.

Review: Again, I just could not get through this. I guess when the author writes teenagers, her talent that I saw in Kiss Of A Vampire and Secrets Of A Vampire just go right out of the window. I filled up two pages of my little note journal with all the problems I had and I was just bored.

*Warning: There may be spoilers in here because these are the notes from my note journal*

I really don’t understand the relationship with her mother and it’s not clear how old Sara is until it says she’s in high school. Also, I really, really doubt that they treat anyone like that when evaluating someone to see if they’re fit to stand trial, criminal or not. I mean, if they are innocent, I’m sure that’s plenty of lawsuits just waiting to happen. And getting a PET scan after getting knocked around in the head? Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be clear so you can look for abnormalities. Also, how does a pair of plain jeans and a plain shirt make her a lesbian? This grandmother…seriously? She wants to see her in something that barely covers her crotch. When she goes to school she thinks she’s the worst dressed? It literally just said that everyone was dressed in jeans and shirts! Can we say special snowflake? If the idea is to make her think she’s delusional, the grandmother is doing a horrible job. Answering no and nope instead of ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ The vampire does a better job. Then the author gets the names mixed up and it isn’t fixed for a bit, I think her name was forgotten for a minute. And the vampires! They’re spirits trapped in bodies and they don’t need to drink blood? How is this a vampire story then?

*End notes*

I doubt if it was just reading all of the vampire books, it was more of the writing. It moved very quick and there wasn’t really any kind of detail.

The plot was just all over the place and this was, again, in some serious need of editing and proofreading. Knowing what this author is capable of really just makes it worse.

I feel like with those two books I mentioned, she actually put in effort, they were good, enjoyable books and yet I guess when she writes teens, there’s no effort. This is the sixth book by her that I’ve read and only two have been good book.

Thank you for reading my review.



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