Spellbound By A Vampire


Name: Spellbound By A Vampire

Author: Martha Woods

Published: September 13, 2016 by Martha Woods

Purchased: September 24, 2016, free on Kindle. I would like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.


Blurb: Nicole is an angst teenager who has a bad attitude. She is sent away to a strange boarding school far, far away by her parents, which looks more like a medieval castle more than anything. In her new found room, she is stuck with a snotty little rich kid named Clementine. She hates it here but meets a seventeen-year-old boy named Alaric, who in fact is a century-year-old vampire.

Although as time passes, strange things start to happen around Nicole. She realises she has witch powers and is now entangled in a witch-vampire prophecy dating back generations before she was born.

Nicole and Alaric must band together and outsmart their new found foes if they wish to survive. But wait, what about the original vampire?

Review: I know I would have been highly disappointed in this book already but after the amazing read of King’s Lament, my disappointment knows no bounds. I was actually scared to go on with the other two books that are after this one.

There were so many problems. First off, no contractions, making the story sound formal and boring. Second of all the characters, I hated Nicole, I hated all of them with their petty high school drama.

Seriously, where did the author who wrote Kiss Of A Vampire go? These books are actually living up to the expectations I had when looking at the covers.

The way the writing was also irritated the hell out of me and I’m just really glad that this was so short. I just can’t believe that these were published after Kiss Of A Vampire. Isn’t the writing supposed to get better, not the opposite?

Also, the blurbs seem to be at least a little wrong in some of the books. Nicole doesn’t spend much time hating her school or her roommate and she’s just a vapid, self-obsessed child and there’s really not a mention of witches.

I really wouldn’t recommend this.

Thank you for reading my review.



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