Scent Of A Vampire


Name: Scent Of A Vampire

Author: Martha Woods

Published: September 10, 2016 by Martha Woods

Purchased: September 19, 2016, free on Kindle. I would like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.


Blurb: Clarissa felt a trickle of sweat forming at the temples of her head, as she was awakened by a piercing pain in her neck. She was scared to open her eyes, and kept them closed as she slowly felt nauseous. She tried to peek at what was happening as she knew that someone was on top of her. When she tried to see who it was, she saw her mommy burying her teeth at her neck. “Mommy?” she called her. Her mommy looked at her and removed her teeth from her neck. She tried to calm her down by caressing Clarissa’s hair and singing her a lullaby. “Don’t be Clarissa, I’m sorry. Go back to sleep,” she said to her. Clarissa felt the same warm and calming feeling that her mommy always had an effect on her. Slowly, she closed her eyes but then she couldn’t breathe. Her breathing was heavy and darkness was around her. She tried to open her eyes but couldn’t. She left her bed and screamed for help. “Mommy where are you? Mommy?”

Clara has had a rough and lonely childhood. Raised in an orphanage in Boston until the age of seven, she was adopted by a vampire “Amelia Belyakov”. During the first six months of her stay in Amelia’s house, she took extra care of her and homeschooled her. However, as time passed, Clara suspected that Amelia was luring men into their home and killing them at night. This was against the vampire rules and if the rest of the clan found out, both Amelia and Clara would be hunted by a century-year-old family of vampires.

Review: Seriously, where did the author who wrote Kiss Of A Vampire go? I couldn’t even finish this one. The blurb makes the book sound so different than what I saw.

I had to stop halfway though because I started to feel like I was forcing myself to read and that just takes the fun out of it. Also, I am very tired of the name Clarissa now, it was so overused and in just a confusing way when it wasn’t used to let the readers know who was talking. Example: “Clarissa, right? Or can I call you Clarissa?” one character said to which she replied, “Yes it’s Clarissa. I don’t know you well enough for you to call me Clarissa.” To which he then called her Clarissa. Tired of the name yet?

I mean, even just reading it over yourself, this many mistakes, something like this and a few others should have been caught. This book was in serious need of editing and proofreading. It almost seems like the author just typed it up and sent it out without even bothering to read over it even once more.

Even Becoming Of A Vampire had a good story under all the mistakes. Not this one. I really hope that somewhere in the next three books I have by this author, there’s another good one. Also, the blurb mentions Amelia like she’s a major part of the story but, she’s hardly mentioned in the half that I read.

Thank you for reading my review.



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