Becoming Of A Vampire


Name: Becoming Of A Vampire

Author: Martha Woods

Published: September 10, 2016 by Martha Woods

Purchased: September 19, 2016, free on Kindle. I would like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.


Blurb: Alice is the younger of twins who lived under the care of their grandfather, who has recently died. A day after the funeral, at school she meets a new boy, Jared, who is revealed to also be a twin. Her friends, Quinn, Helen and Margaret, tease her about her new acquaintance, and it is revealed Helen has a crush on him already.

Meanwhile Alice’s twin sister, Vera, has been missing for longer than usual. While talking to the principal about her disappearance, Alice runs into Jared, who invites her to ice cream near his house. On their way out, they pass Helen, who Alice invites too. They take the ice cream to where the twins are staying: an abandoned bus in the woods. Here, Jared’s twin brother, Aric shows up, but he brusquely excuses himself as soon as he sees Alice and Helen. Despite Helen’s efforts, Jared is mainly interested in Alice. At the end of the night, feeling a strange sense of foreboding, Alice leaves early, while Helen stays.

The next day, Helen does not come to school. Vera returns, with a changed appearance – she has swapped her usual over-the-top punk style and hair for a style matching Alice’s. She quickly hits it off with Jared and ignores Alice’s warnings that there is something off about him.

A murdered boy surfaces, his body drained of blood. He was a student at Alice’s high school, but no one knows what happened. Helen returns to school a few days later, looking ill from a self-described food poisoning. A few days later, Helen has a party, where she invites half the school, including the twins. Aric mysteriously disappears halfway through, but Jared doesn’t seem worried, only irritated.

Review: After reading Kiss Of A Vampire, I was very disappointed in this book. I had so many problems with this, I really could not get into it. I’m actually glad I read the other one first because now I know the author can do better than this.

First off, this blurb is so very wrong on one of the names of the guy twins, it’s Lars not Jared, and they are in an abandoned building, not a bus. Also, when does she meet Aric? She talks about the sad boy she met but I can’t recall it. Who sits on a tub of ice cream?

And when she’s looking at her sneakers, is she standing at an awkward angle for her to be looking at the soles of her shoes? Also, this “my gone-but-back twin” line was unnecessary  so yeah, I have quite a few problems with this book but it was still an interesting read.

Without all of that, this would be getting four or five stars but, I can’t give it that many because of all the problems.

The pace is actually perfect for the plot and the story itself is a really good one, this was just in desperate need of editing.

Thank you for reading my review.



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