Four Under The Mistletoe


Name: Four Under The Mistletoe

Author: Tia Siren

Published: November 15, 2016 by Tia Siren

Purchased: I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.


Blurb: What could a girl ask Santa to bring that she doesn’t already have?

I want to give Mandy something really special this Christmas. I’m racking my brain when in walk my old pals, Terry and Tony Wolf, the legendary Wolf Twins. They’re always up for a good time, especially when it involves sex with a beautiful woman like Mandy. But there’s something odd going on in my chest; a feeling I’ve never felt before. Holy silent night. Santa, could this love-Grinch really be growing a heart? And if so, will Mandy be willing to change her entire life just for me? What if she doesn’t feel the same… This could be the best or worst Christmas of my life!
I’m not a slut, and I don’t think that I’m a nymphomaniac. I just love sex. And most of all, sex with my sexy-bestie, Christopher Kinsey, the bad boy billionaire who’s been my BFB for ten years. Christopher always surprises me with the best Christmas gifts, but I never expected to find THREE hot, naked, well-hung billionaires under my tree on Christmas Eve. They barely fit in my king-sized bed at once. Could they all possibly fit inside of me? Christopher’s the best. I don’t want things to ever change between us… 

Review: This one was much shorter than Three Under The Mistletoe but the writing was actually a bit better this time around in the romance part. I actually felt a connection between Mandy and Christopher.

Where the writing suffered though was that it would basically just repeat word for word almost every chapter about what happened just with a different perspective. I can kind of understand where the author is coming from on that but, it got boring reading the same thing for three or four chapters.

Even though the romance was better here, I still feel like this is an alright book. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. The blurbs of both books tend to make them sound better than they actually are, at least that’s how I see it and I guess that’s the blurbs job isn’t it?

The cover is gorgeous, the pace is alright. Like I said, it repeats a lot. Like I said about the first book, this would most likely be a good little start for those interested in this type of genre but I feel like I’ve read some better books.

Thank you for reading my review.




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