Three Under The Mistletoe


Name: Three Under The Mistletoe

Author: Tia Siren

Published: October 26, 2016 by Tia Siren

Purchased: I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book


Blurb: I have two hot billionaire bosses trying to unwrap me like a sexy Christmas present! I can’t jingle both their bells for Christmas…. Or can I? 
MCKENZIE: Christopher Kinsey is dead wrong if he thinks he can just flash that billion-dollar smile and make me jump into bed with him! Sure, he’s a walking, talking, rich as hell, wet-dream, but he tries to screw every woman he meets and I refuse to be just another notch on his belt. Then there’s his best friend and partner, Patrick, who has a sweet, awkward sexuality that draws me to him. I know I can’t have them both for Christmas, but dammit, choosing between them is going to be like picking which present to open first!
CHRISTOPHER: I can have just about any woman I want, but it’s the thrill of the chase that really gets me off. I’ve got surfer dude good looks, more money than I could spend in ten lifetimes, and a big Christmas present in my pants that makes most women squeal. So why is the new girl even trying to resist me? And now Patrick is interested in her. Seriously? I love him like a brother, but I have to taste her Christmas goodies at least once, then he can have her. Patrick will get over it after the New Year. He has no choice.
PATRICK: McKenzie’s different from other girls I’ve dated. She has this hot goth look, plus she’s sweet, funny, and boy, is she smart. Then she lands on Christopher’s radar. Friendship goes out the window when Christopher is on the prowl. He can have any woman he wants. Why does he have to set his sights on the one girl I’d like to have under my Christmas tree this year? I’m not going to lose this girl to him… not this time. 

Review: Apparently all that can make someone goth is being skinny and having an edgy haircut. Every time someone talked about her, she was mentioned as ‘that goth chick’.

This was an alright book, enough so that I went ahead and read the next book but I’m not singing any praises over here.  The writing just seemed to be rushed and while I’m used to that and can understand it given that it is a rather short book, it just seemed the author was trying to fit a lot in a small frame.

Because of that, the romance suffered. I didn’t feel anything, no connection, between the characters. When the love interest kissed her, it just seemed abrupt. Then when true love was mentioned, I was just kind of confused because it skipped over the flirting, the knee touching.

Also, it would’ve helped if the names hadn’t been mixed up, that threw me off during the dance scene.

I wouldn’t really recommend this as a romance, mainly because I didn’t feel any romantic connection, with the flirting being skipped over, but I think it would be a good book for someone just starting out with these kinds of books, to get a feel for it.

Thank you for reading my review.



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