Never Kiss Me Goodbye: Vampires of Nirvana Book 1


Name: Never Kiss Me Goodbye

Author: Ranay James

Published: November 25, 2015 by Smashwords Edition

Purchased: Received free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Blurb: Kari Ransom’s career as a journalist is on a steller trajectory. She’s making a name for herself by exposing some pretty heavy hitters in the political arena for serious crimes and shady dealings. But that rise to the top is cut short when she’s grusomely murdered by a professional killer leaving very few clues behind for the authorities to follow. Her sister Kristen knows there is something more going on under the surface and to find the culprits she enlists the help of homicide detective Slade Jericho. Kristen also senses that there is more to Slade than he’s letting on. But what could that be?

Slade has seen his share of murders in his years on the Phoenix police force. And, his gut’s telling him that Kristen is in serious danger from the same heartless killers who executed Kari. He calls in the best to help him keep Kristen alive and when Chase McKinnon, from the extrodinary McKinnon clan, steps in to lead the security detail, things start to get really dicey.

Will Chase’s past work for or against them as that past is leading them straight into the vampire collective. Will Slade and Kristen find the killers before they are both murdered for the information now in Kristen’s possession? If they can unravel this twisted web of lies, love, and deception, they will be free to give in to fate and see how perfect they are for each other even against the odds.

Review: This was a really good book and I was very surprised at that. Well, it was very good and then got a little meh near the end. The writing was still good, I just got the urge to smack the woman near the end.

She just got so dense, I know that if it was me, I’d be doing what the detective wanted after the first close call, not trying to go home where the bad people could get you easier.

This book was just really good but I did forget that this was supposed to be about vampires because there was no mention of vampires until 77% in. It just seemed like a really good mystery until I remembered the title.

The vampires here are the closest to the Carpathian species in Christine Feehan’s books but, a little more intense and the can apparently go into the sun and repress what they are?

I do kind of wish more was focused on that and the species of the vampire. All-in-all, this is a good book and would actually be a good choice for readers who aren’t that big into vampires.

Thank you for reading my review.



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