Divine Pursuit: The Divine Chronicles Book 5


Name: Divine Pursuit

Author: JoAnna Grace

Published: Will be November 14, 2016 by Y & R Publishing

Purchased: Received free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review


Blurb: A Divine Grace has been kidnapped…Words that send terror rushing through the heart of another Divine Grace, Avery McClain.

Now she’s rising up, taking her place as a warrior, and standing beside the Elite Thracians, protectors of the Olympians. Banding together, they have a sole mission—to find the woman who is destined to be a Queen. The massacre at the Ralpha Clinic and a deadline from the gods force them to use every asset in their arsenal—including one who literally fell at their feet.

Keona Nadal must find her twin. Piper is in the hands of the enemy and they show no mercy. This leaves Keona in a position where she must trust the very people whom she has feared her entire life. Her rare and coveted gift as a teleporter will be tested and her loyalty shaken, both leaving her to ask what is more important: serving the greater good or saving her sister?

Can they rescue Piper before she disappears forever?

Review: Let me just say, I really don’t like getting books out of order. I don’t like getting the third, forth or even fifth book in a series because I get so lost. That very thing happened here. It’s the fifth book, I haven’t read the first four so there’s no world building, the characters already have a connection that I don’t feel. I’m just lost because I don’t know what happened in the past books.

It really didn’t help that the writing was so simple, I really did almost give up and put the book down…I’m so glad I didn’t.

Even though I was still lost , I really got into this book and I didn’t want to put it down, I can only imagine how good the first four are.

Now because I was so lost, and this is another reason I don’t like getting books out of order, I can only give it four stars. The writing was so very simple and I couldn’t really feel for the characters.

The cover is beautiful and while the writing was simple, the pace was great for the plot, it wasn’t slow or boring, there was always something.

I would highly suggest reading the first four before this one though, you’ll be as lost as I was if you don’t.

Thank you for reading my review.



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