Indecent Proposal


Name: Indecent Proposal

Author: Jodie Manhattan

Published: September 23, 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Purchased: I voluntarily reviewed a complementary copy of this book


Blurb: Evelyn thought that the smaller jobs were always just enough to fill her pockets, but with each robbery successfully ticked off, she had created quite a long list of pleased clients – and these things didn’t go unnoticed by some.

A growing list of clientele lead to extra responsibilities, and extra responsibilities meant that there is no backing down when being presented with the chance of becoming a millionaire. In Jodie Manhattans irresistible debut contemporary romance novel, Indecent Proposal, Evelyn runs headlong into the night on a true make-it or break-it mission to retrieve the Dragon’s Heart from notorious billionaire Armand Bronson’s chateau in The Drives.

However after falling into an ambivalent bond with Armand, in which she cannot understand how she landed, someone from his past arrives.

Review: I could not bring myself to finish this. I got to 47% percent and felt like I was forcing myself to continue and when I feel like that, I stop reading.

I had three problems with the writing and one of them, I don’t know if it was because it was a .mobi version or what, though it’s never happened before but there were no double L’s. Example, thankfully became thankful y, hallway became hal way, all became al and so on and so forth. The second thing is that the layout just kind of felt like an outline. I’ve compared books before to a first draft but this felt like it didn’t really get to the first draft stage.

Like there were places where something would seem to stop and then pick back up. Examples, it said she was taking the stairs and then she saw some unsavory people and then she thought ‘guess I’m taking the stairs.’ Weren’t you already on the stairs? Then it said someone was finally out of the door. I get a sense of relief and then they speak again.

The third thing was the dramatization. Someone was nicked with a knife and a trail of blood is like she got bit by a vampire…or maybe cut by a knife? And the main focus really seemed to be on how small she was, it felt like it was mentioned every other page.

That’s who is supposed to be her love interest? I had to go through the other reviews to make sure of it. That long into the book before they even meet, my opinion of him is stuck and it isn’t very good. I get enough of spoiled brats obsessed with their looks in YA novels.

Honestly, this really seemed like it had great potential and I guess for others it’s a great book but, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Thank you for reading my review.



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